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October 15, 2018


November 2015 Membership topics 

Contract expires in June 2016, bargaining forms has been passed out to members, if you would like to suggest a change, please give to any Chief or Job Steward, you may email of fax it to the Union Hall.
CWA received a settlement back from company, stating that we can bring in  Dr's note or receptionist signature saying we were their in order to keep our scheduled lunch the same for Doctors appt.  CWA stated no and requested denials on lunch grievance and once received 3rd steps will be filed.
Your lunch should not be scheduled less then 4 hours from your start of tour, if your schedule reflects that send an email to WFM and "COPY" a Job Steward or myself.. .
The company has offered us several opportunity to bring more work into the Center, "Job Security", the long run hopefully we will be taking over all the "Canadian" work.  One on the OEFC side, 2 in Edna's team and 1 on SOSC.  We are hoping that this work become permanent within the Care Center but right now we have been offer 2 six month trails and 2 three month trail in which one has expired and we are requesting a written extension.  CWA recently was informed that back in May when the first trial started , during the interviews one of the question was asked if you wanted to be a manager.  The agreement spoke "NOTHING" about associates becoming managers.  I do apologize for those who may or may not have taken the temp work because you expected the out come of you becoming a manager.  CWA had a meeting with Labor and discussed the disappointment of them misleading associates into taking or turning down learning how to processing the Canadian work.  When the work is flows clearly thru the mainstream, it will be "CRAFT" work only.
Call Observation - company has a new definition for not noting GETPAID.  They are writing members up and calling it customer abuse.  Grievance has been settled and not noting GP is not a form of customer abuse but please file a grievance if you receive a C&C, everyone is not receiving a C&C coaches are just selecting some.  Disparity of treatment. 
Management is doing the same thing, speaking, emailing with customers but not noting "GETPAID", are they being charged with customer abuse.  We will see, grievance has been filed and in recess.

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